Sunday, July 22, 2012

Girly girl~

It seems that recently I've been drawn to a type of clothing I never thought I'd like; frilly.
Or girly. However you like to describe it.
It's funny, when i think upon my child hood, the type of clothing my mom always dressed me in were skirts and dresses. So much floral. And pink. Too much pink (I was a red and blue lover all the way).
I hated it.
Kids would always ask me why was I so dressed up, when I wore my green dress with the flower print that swirled out when I twirled. It embarrassed me to have my matching big green chiffon bow that my mom ALWAYS knew when I removed it (one of her amazing super powers no doubt). I could never get home fast enough to throw on my cotton short set which to me was super comfy. Who cared if it was cute or not. 
I grew up thinking this too. 

Now, many years later, I find myself attracted to these type of girly clothing! Amazing how much we grow and change over the years, right? I couldn't imagine living without my cute and girly skirts, tops and dresses. 

Lately I've been looking for more feminine clothing to add to my wardrobe and I wanted to share some pieces on my blog.

 So I'm really into Liz Lisa at the moment which is a Japanese Gyaru brand. The first picture and the last picture are both from Liz Lisa.
The styles are very girly. The first is a high-wasted skirt with removable straps like a jumper. I love the polka dot material and the inner lace detailing. 

The second is a top I'm in love with from a Taiwanese label called CatWorld. I really like these type of tops the most as they can be paired with just about anything. I think tops like this add a very romantic feel and in the summer is nice and airy.

The last one is a Liz Lisa high to low dress with a paisley print. Paisley seems to be making a huge come back this summer for Japanese Gyaru. I've been a fan of high to low dresses ever since I started planning the details for my wedding dress last year. I never imagined they would blow up like this. I'm really happy that they are more available. I like the fact that it has a shirred waist so it can be really accommodating. The ruffle at the top is also super cute and adds a nice feminine touch. 

I'm really glad that my fashion taste is changing. To me it is an indication that I have changed as a person throughout the years. An indication that my tastes have evolved and this makes me a very happy person!


  1. Love.

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  2. Gorg photos :)
    Loving your blog too, going to go back through and check out all your past posts now! I hope you can come visit me.

    Maybe we could follow each other on GFC?


  3. Frilly is so fun sometimes! Love the pictures you posted!



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